Forms & Documents

Safe Worship Policies and Procedures

Safe Worship Policies and Procedures exists to create a consistently safe environment for Grace Point Community Church (GPCC), our congregation, and all visitors who gather for worship, learning, and fellowship.

Open Table Application for Assistance

For our local community: Our Open Table ministry does more than provide food and clothing. We also are here to help our local community members who are in financial need. If you are looking for assistance, your first step in asking for help includes filling out this form. Open Table coordinator Lisa Jackson will receive your form and get back in touch with you.

Request for Financial Assistance

For the Grace Point family: One of the ways a church is a family is that it helps family members that are in need. Sometimes that need is financial, and that is where our Benevolence Fund fits in. If you are part of the Grace Point family and find yourself in financial need, your first step in asking for help includes filling out this Request for Financial Assistance and submitting it to our office.

Delaware County Services

Before we offer assistance, we ask that you see how the services in Delaware County might be able to assist you. This is a list of some helpful agencies and their contact information.

Expense Reimbursement

If you've incurred an expense on behalf of Grace Point and need reimbursed, please fill out this form, attach any related receipts, and turn it into the church office.

Check Request

If you need to request a check from our office, please fill out this form and have the appropriate leader approve the request.

Facility Request

If you'd like to use the Grace Point building for a function of some kind, please fill out this form and return it to the church office.


We'd love to pray for you. Just let us know how!